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Music,Money,And Sex,Is Life
MY SITE MY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm 16 and live in Ohio.
Any ladies my age and live in cincinnati E-MAIL me at 211187@fcmail.com OR wscg187@writeme.com.
Helloooooooooo people.
I'm here and rap is my favorite music
Half Baked is my favorite movie
I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm 5'10"
Check Out My Hobbies And Intrests
My interests:
  • Comedy
  • Computers/Technology
  • Fantasy/Role Playing
  • History
  • Movies/TV
  • Music: Blues
  • Music: House/Hip-Hop
  • Music: R and B, Soul
  • Music: Rock and Pop
  • PC Games
  • Religion
  • Sports: American Football
  • Sports: Athletics
  • Sports: Baseball
  • Sports: Basketball
  • Sports: Golf

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